Friday, December 2, 2011

Rearview Mirror: Reagan uses the soft-sell and comes off like Barry. (October 4, 1965)

Evans, R. & Novak, R. (1965, October 4). Reagan uses the soft-sell and comes off like Barry. Lawrence Journal-World, p. 4.

In this missive, Evans and Novak report on Reagan’s attempts to build bridges among the warring California GOP factions.  They conclude, however, that despite enlisting the suave Spencer-Roberts marketing firm to help craft the message and image, Reagan’s quest would likely fare little better than Don Quixote de la Mancha’s. 

Reagan’s stand against the Birch Society is much too qualified to win applause from the Kuchel [liberal] wing of the party.  Most moderate leaders have shrugged off Reagan’s friendly advances so far.  And though a staff of experts is preparing a wide variety of positions for him, there is no certainty Reagan can master the complexities of California state government in time to survive the rough-and-tumble of a nine-month campaign…California Republicans more interested in victory than doctrine suspect that Reagan is another Goldwater who can win nominations but not elections.  These pragmatics will continue the search for an alternative…
Of course, Reagan did go on to win the GOP primary convincingly.  Then, with a united GOP behind him running statewide candidates ran as a unified ticket for the first time in a long time, he trounced three-term incumbent Pat Brown by over  a million votes.

Bear this in mind whenever you hear talk of how "stupid" or "unelectable" any  current or future conservative candidates are.  

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