Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rearview Mirror: Reagan affable, fluent and tactful politician. (October 6, 1965)

John Chamberlain’s review of Reagan’s East Coast speaking tour in late 1965 prompted some revealing (and disappointing) contrasts with our current political campaign season.  First, Reagan labored mightily to foster unity among a Republican party bitterly divided between liberals and conservatives.  Indeed, Chamberlain considered that, “The most impressive thing about Reagan was his ability to project a pleasant, happy and unruffled image in the midst of the partisans.”

How different that is from some of the personal sniping even now taking place amongst various people who all claim that defeating Barack Obama is job number one.
Every time a reporter tried to pin a label on [him], Reagan answered in effect that he was against soliciting support from blocs or groups.  He insisted that he thought candidates should state their philosophies as individuals, and if other individuals wanted to follow, that was their business.

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