Thursday, December 1, 2011

News Archive: Actor Reagan attacks U.S. spending

On September 29, 1965, candidate Reagan addressed the New England Federation of Republican Women in Boston.  Reagan sounded his already-familiar theme of smaller government, reporting that when asked if he is afraid of his own government, he now replied, “…to tell you the truth, I am.”

Reagan attacked President Johnson’s poverty program as, “a $1.8 billion campaign fund for the [Democratic] party” and called on Republicans to “wage a thousand wars on poverty, all fought within the framework of our free economy.”

Whether due to the fact that he was speaking in a state that voted for Lyndon Johnson by a margin of more than one million votes, or out of a desire to cultivate intraparty unity amongst the California GOP, Reagan rejected the label of being a “Goldwater Republican,” noting, “I did nothing for Sen. Goldwater in 1964 that I didn’t do in 1960 for Mr. Nixon.”

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