Monday, June 11, 2012

News Archives: "Reagan writes us off"

n. a. (1966, August 9). Reagan writes us off. Washington Afro-American, p. 4. 

This article, appearing in the Washington edition of the Afro-American, charged Reagan with “[writing] off the support of colored Californians.”  In tones reminiscent of contemporary accusations that conservatives use "code language," the paper charged Reagan with failing to:
…come out candidly and state that he is aiming his appeal to the white backlash vote…Instead he keeps up a constant drumbeat about “a segment of our citizens who makes welfare a profession” thus planting in the minds of white suburbanites the false idea that it is their tax money which keeps people like ghetto residents of Watts living in idleness.

He also slyly insinuates the state’s increasing crime rate, illegitimacy and promiscuity must be charged to these same lazy, unproductive elements, leaving an impression that none of them have white skins…

Noticeably absent, is an explanation of precisely how decrying those who would make welfare a profession is tantamount to suggesting that the only people who abuse the welfare system are black.  

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