Saturday, August 31, 2013

Michael Reagan: Hollywood should stop lying about my dad

Tim Graham has a short piece at Newsbusters on Michael Reagan's (I think unquestionably correct) assertion that Hollywood, "want[s] people to remember [Ronald Reagan] the way [they] want to portray him, not the way he really was."

Concerns like this are one of the main reasons this blog was started.  As with so many other aspects of American history, those of us who remember the Reagan years must make it our business to pass down our perspective on those years to the next generation.  Granted, we may be wrong at times, but are no more susceptible to hero worship or overlooking Reagan's faults than those who write the textbooks are prone to accentuate his faults and celebrate their own chosen heroes (e.g., Wilson, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama).  In the end, we must trust that future generations will be able to weigh the evidence and draw their own faithful conclusions.  To do that, however, they must hear from those of us who do not walk in the halls Hollywood, academia, or political power.

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