Saturday, August 3, 2013

News Archive: Sen. Case sees end of "way-out" conservatives

n. a. (1965, June 27). Sen. Case sees end of way-out conservatives. Sarasota Herald-Tribune, p. 19.

This brief news item records New Jersey Republican Clifford Case's prognostication that anyone advocating the elimination of Social Security, public housing, federal aid to education, et. al. are "the voice of the past."  Case named Ronald Reagan specifically as a candidate whose appeal was based solely on nostalgia for an America that had passed. 

Leaving aside, for a moment, the point that I don't believe Reagan ever called for the elimination of Society Security or public housing (though he may have once advocated elimination of federal aid to education), it is somewhat ironic that 48 years ago an Establishment New Jersey Republican was critiquing upstarts representing a more Libertarian wing of the party.  Not at all like today, right?

   For further reading:  Jacobs, G. (2013, August 2). Liberty: a dangerous, 'esoteric' idea? The Daily Caller.

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