Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wicker on Reagan as a looming threat in the 1972 presidential election

Wicker, T. (1970, July 1). News behind the news: The specter of Ronald Reagan. The Modesto Bee, p. A14.

In this article, Wicker explains why he felt the instability in Cambodia (specifically, the ambiguous nature of the Nixon administration's commitments to assist the Lon Nol government), combined with general war-weariness of the American public placed President Nixon in a precarious political situation.  The lack of certainty even prompted Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield to opine that the Republican party might "dump" President Nixon in 1972, and nominate Ronald Reagan in his stead.

Update 8/3/2013: The cited issue of the Modesto Bee seems to have been removed from Google News. 

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