Monday, August 20, 2012

Nancy Reagan: A prophet in her time

Lederer, E. (1970, July 12). Country needs a romantic movie, says foe of hippies, drugs, feminists. The Eugene Register-Guard, p. 2E.

In this article, Lederer chronicles the then-California First Lady's blunt opposition to a whole host of societal changes that were heralded by many in the late '60s as part of the inexorable march toward justice.  Among this august list were: pornography, sexual libertinism, abortion, drug use, the feminist movement (as expressed by champions of the ultimately failed Equal Rights Amendment, fashion, etc.  A few of her choice quotes:

Over forty years later, Mrs. Reagan's remarks would likely incite just as much virulent opposition (perhaps more) than they did in 1970; Yet one wonders whether there might not be another collection of women who grew up under the influence of a society that rejected Mrs. Reagan's advice all those years ago.  What might they tell us?  I suspect there would be many more people who affirm the legitimacy of her prophetic warnings, than our major media outlets would admit.

I would love to hear from RSS Ronald Reagan readers on this question.  What say you?

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