Monday, March 26, 2012

In Retrospect: Reagan won’t seek presidency

This brief wire reports on Reagan’s pledge to serve out his full-term as Governor of California if elected.  When asked if he would make a “flat statement” about his potential as a presidential candidate in 1968, Reagan said, “I have.  What more flat statement could I make?”

If memory serves me, however, Reagan did indeed allow his name to be put forward during the 1968 GOP convention.  Though Reagan has always maintained that he allowed this only in order to preserve unity among the California delegation (i.e., everyone from CA could vote for their “favorite son” and avoid a fractious division such as plagued California Republicans during the 1964 Goldwater-Rockefeller shoot-out).  While I think the bulk of evidence demonstrates that Reagan was being sincere in 1966, I can only imagine how the 1968 nomination was spun by Reagan critics.

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