Thursday, December 15, 2011

News Archives: Sen. Scott warns [CA] Republicans

As I’ve said before calling conservative candidates “unelectable” is a tired old canard that’s trotted out in almost every GOP primary.  As in today’s historical flashback, the charge is almost always made with great passion and sincerity…sometimes even with a twinge of “righteous anger.”  Such terms are never thrown around merely as a way of cementing one’s own power.  No, no, no!  It’s simply out of concern for the “good of the party.”  Case in point, listen to the words of PA senator Hugh Scott to California Republicans forty-six years ago:
“The only way to win is to offer candidates who are responsible and responsive to the late 20th century aspirations of the American people…I believe the sentiment within the Republican Party today is more than 80 per cent against the viewpoint expressed by the 1964 candidate [i.e., Barry Goldwater] and perpetrated by some of the more horrid parts of the 1964 platform.” Scott…gave his plea for moderate candidates at a news conference Friday.  He wouldn’t back any of the contenders for the governorship, but warned that anyone espousing Goldwater’s views would lose. [emphasis added]
Remind me again, who won that ’66 governor’s race?  Oh yeah, the guy who campaigned for Goldwater.

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