Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rear View Mirror: Reagan to run. (January 7, 1966)

n. a. (1966, January 7). Reagan to run. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, p. 4.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette made an admirable attempt to treat Reagan fairly in reporting on his gubernatorial announcement.  It pointed out a number of reasons Reagan should be taken as a serious candidate: high name recognition, “inside track” status opposed to Christopher, promises of a program built around his philosophy of smaller and less-intrusive government, and a gentlemanly primary campaign. 

If there were any doubt of the left-leaning tendencies of the PPG, the closing paragraph on the Reagan announcement would seem to dispense with them:
A socially meaningful program from an ultra-conservative instead of the usual negatives would be something new and undoubtedly a welcome change.  By now, the majority of Californians should be weary of all plans to repeal the 20th century.
Someone should let today’s mainstream media know that it really is possible to report fairly and accurately on politicians one might disagree with, without having to surrender your political convictions.

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