Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1966 GOP Primary: Warren M. Dorn

Warren M. Dorn from
In March 1965, there was speculation whether Warren M. Dorn, nine-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, was going to enter the GOP primary race.

Dorn's position was far more powerful than one might expect if your political experience has been outside of southern California.  During Dorn's era, L.A. county supervisors, "exercised virtually unchallenged control."  They were sometimes known as "the five little kings."  Furthermore, Dorn had made his presence felt outside of L.A. County.  When Gov. Brown's State Water Project was rejected by the county supervisors, it was Dorn who shepherded the proposal to Board approval.

Brown campaign leaders were hopeful  for a Dorn candidacy because they believed it would drain votes away from Christopher, whom they regarded as a “formidable candidate.”

Ultimately, Dorn did enter the race, finishing third in the GOP primary (behind Reagan and Christopher).  

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