Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama & Reagan: Sorry, I’m Not Seeing Any Similarities

Ever since 2008, there have been attempts to depict President Obama as the modern-day incarnation of past Presidents, including:  Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and even—shockingly--Ronald Reagan .

Twenty-five years ago today, President Ronald Reagan made an entry in his diary that illuminates not only the gravity and seriousness with which he took his duties, but the remarkable contrasts between himself and our current Chief Executive:

Reagan:  April 14, 1986
Our 1st meetings (staff) had to do with what happens tonite [sic].   For one thing I can’t go to Paul Laxalt’s Basque B.B.Q. at 7 P.M. our time.  [Air Force] F-111’s from an English base, and planes from our 6th fleet carriers will hit [military] targets in Libya.  It wouldn’t be seemly for me to be out socializing…
Less than one day after announcing U.S. military strikes against Libya's government, Obama made time to kick a soccer ball around with kids in a shantytown…By morning, he spoke with his security team about the international assault against Moammar Gadhafi's defenses; by night, he was to stand atop a mountain and admire Rio's world famous statue of Jesus…It was all summed up by one image: Obama, adeptly juggling a soccer ball, as his aides helped him juggle his agenda…On Sunday, he was determined to be with his family, get among the people and feel the culture.  Obama and his family visited the City of God shantytown that gained fame through a movie of the same name…Obama, his wife Michelle and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, watched young children pound on drums and perform a dazzling acrobatic dance. And then all the Obamas took turns at a little soccer...
Reagan:  April 14, 1986
Over to E.O.B. for a secret meeting with bipartisan leaders of [the] House and Senate to tell them what was going to happen tonite [sic] in Libya…
Obama:  March 20, 2011
U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., joined…protesters, saying he was angry that Congress was not consulted before the military strikes.
Reagan:  April 14, 1986
…the attack took place right on the nose 7 P.M. our time—about 11 minutes—over the target areas.  Preliminary report—all planes withdrawn but 2 of our F-111’s are reported…One thing seems sure:  ours was a success.

Obama:  April 12-13, 2011
No Cease Fire, No Search for Real Solutions in Libya
New Battles in Libya, Strains in NATO Campaign
Libya: Death Stalks the Streets in the Living Hell of Misrata
Deadly Struggle for Survival is Wages in West of Libya
In Embattled Libyan Town, Africans Fear the Mob
Libya War Cost the US $36 Million per Day in First 17 Days
Libyan Rebel Commander Admits His Fighters Have al-Qaeda Links
Colonel Gaddafi is not getting the message to go
To paraphrase a line from the late Democratic Senator Lloyd Bentsen:  I knew Ronald Reagan.  Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine; And Mr. Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan. 

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